Introducing the Iron Diamond CLV, where the soul of a Lamborghini meets the body of a DARTZ. The legendary DARTZ Prombron’ Iron Diamond, once the coveted gem of celebrity circles a decade ago, has made its triumphant return in the form of the CLV edition, built on the formidable Lamborghini Urus platform. This fusion of power, luxury, and exclusivity creates a vehicle that is destined to become the new must-have in every tycoon’s garage. With its unmistakable style, unparalleled performance, and the prestige of both the Lamborghini and DARTZ names behind it, the Iron Diamond CLV stands as a symbol of automotive excellence and opulence. Prepare to experience a new standard of automotive perfection, where the worlds of luxury and performance collide to create something truly extraordinary.

The DARTZ Prombron’ Iron Diamond CLV is undeniably an attention grabber, a head-turner, and a jaw-dropper. Among a lineup of supercars, hypercars, and even uber cars, the Iron Diamond CLV stands out like a king among knights. Its imposing presence, luxurious design, and unparalleled attention to detail make it a true masterpiece on wheels.

From its masculine, full carbon exterior to its opulent, handcrafted interior, every inch of the Iron Diamond CLV exudes sophistication and power. With its unique styling, advanced technology, and unmatched performance, this vehicle commands respect and admiration wherever it goes.

Whether cruising through city streets or dominating the open road, the DARTZ Prombron’ Iron Diamond CLV is more than just a car—it’s a symbol of status, success, and uncompromising Opulence. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate expression of automotive excellence, look no further than the Iron Diamond CLV.

Introducing the DARTZ Prombron’ Iron Diamond CLV, the world’s first LookLike-Military Sport car, equipped with the legendary Lamborghini Urus drivetrain and boasting a full carbon body. At DARTZ, we redefine the concept of opulence, performance, and security, offering you the choice between an armored or non-armored version of the Iron Diamond CLV.

In both iterations, our vehicle stands as the epitome of innovation, combining the ruggedness of military-grade engineering with the sleekness and agility of a sports car. We’ve reimagined the traditional SUV, creating what we proudly call a BOND — a Bespoke Opulent Noble Drive.

Our clients demand the best, and at DARTZ, we deliver. While others settle for SUVs, our clients understand the difference. They seek the unparalleled experience of driving a DARTZ BOND. With utility vehicles reserved for their staff, and having all sport cars they were dreaming about our clients crave something more — they desire a BOND, a vehicle that transcends the ordinary and redefines what it means to drive in style.

With the DARTZ Prombron’ Iron Diamond CLV, we’ve achieved the impossible — the lightest and fastest BOND ever created. Whether you choose the armored version for added security or the non-armored version for pure performance, rest assured that you’re driving a vehicle unlike any other on the road. Welcome to the future of driving. Welcome to the world of DARTZ BONDs.

* Currently in R&D, first deliveries expected July 2025. Images shown are original Iron Diamond.