Paramount Pictures on behalf of Sacha Baron Cohen have reached out to us with a task of creating a symbol of unlimited monetary resources for a fictional character representing an oppressing dictator of fictional North-African country, starring Sir Ben Kingsley. We have supplied them with a fleet of gold plated Dartz Motorz Prombron armored cars., bizarre leather interior, RPG-proof armoring, as well as on-set support team for the whole time of shooting & the movie premiere in London in 2012.

DIE HARD 5 (2013)

We’ve taken part in development of the infamous MRAP stunt car being driven by Bruce Willis in the movie Die Hard 5. 2 Of our Dartz Motorz Prombron cars have also been used by the characters in the movie during car chases & many other different scenes. This collaboration has resulted in creation of MRAP-themed Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6×6 ordered after the movie premiere by a private individual.


Our client, director Roger Donaldson, has requested a true Russian-villain car for a spy movie starring Pierce Brosnan & Olga Kurylenko. The car needed to be armored to make its own way through traffic, yet fast and agile for all tight-corner car chases needed for a true 007 movie plot. We have exceeded expectations with on-set training drivingbringing a stunt actor from our team and much more.

The Interview (2014)

It was gift to my Father from Stalin
In my country its pronounce Stallion ©
In the 2014 film “The Interview,” a DARTZ luxury vehicle is depicted as a gift from Stalin to the dictator Kim Jong-un. This comedic storyline gained additional attention as it premiered following real-life events, including Dennis Rodman’s visit to Kim Jong-un. Later this Year Dennis Rodman gifted to DARTZ The Supreme Leader Leo DVD with this movie

House of Cards (2015)

In Season 3 of Netflix’s House of Cards, President Underwood clashes with President Petrov. Petrov presents Underwood with bottles of Osobaya Sayanska vodka encased in solid gold, valued at $750,000 each. This fictional luxury mirrors the extravagant Russo-Baltique brand, famously associated with Dartz Motorz. Russo-Baltique is renowned for its opulent designs, including bulletproof glass encasements, catering to the ultra-wealthy with prices soaring up to $1.35 million per bottle.

Chernobyl (2014-2017)

“Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion” is a gripping TV series following five friends on a dangerous journey to return stolen money within the haunting Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Set in Pripyat, the series explores the Zone’s dangers and secrets. It’s the first production to film partially in Pripyat, adding authenticity. Notable is the inclusion of the iconic DARTZ luxury vehicle, symbolizing wealth and mystery amidst the chaos.


One-of-a-kind Latvian tank with alligator seats built for unnamed film.Latvian-based automaker Dartz have released new images of its one-off motor the Prombron Black Stallion.The massive motor, which looks more like an army tank than a car, is set to feature in an upcoming movie.But the firm remain tight-lipped about which film the beast will feature in.

Austin Powers 4 (20??)

Dr. Evil’s Chair In The Possibly-Upcoming Austin Powers Movie May Be This Car Parts-Themed Throne Made By The Madman Behind DARTZ Opulent  SUVs. Just to be clear, despite the existence of an IMDB page for what is currently just called Austin Powers 4, written by Mike Meyers and directed by Jay Roach, this fourth installment of the satirical British secret agent movie series has not been confirmed by anyone involved. Leonard of DARTZ did not confirm it, nor did he confirm that the custom chair he designed