. “two ladies [who] will hate to come to a party [wearing] the same dress”.

Mr Yankelovich says his customers are often driven by a need to own something exclusive. Essentially they want something that other people cannot have, and that has been made especially for them.

In order to serve this market, he says he has to go beyond ordinary luxury.

“Luxury is too common a word… luxury you can buy in a supermarket,” he says. “I use the word opulence.”

One way to achieve this is through attention to detail. For example, buttons in the car are often gold-plated or made from titanium rather than plastic.

For Mr Yankelovich the aim is to commemorate the glories of the past when, in items made for Russian tsars, sometimes parts like screws would be engraved with the owner’s name. Though unseen, the owner would know they were there.

“That’s opulence,” ……………….(c)

Leonard Yankelovich, DARTZ Motorz

From interview to Neil Konig, BBC, Life Of Luxury

You are welcomed to our Department Of Opulence – place were expensive things became priceless.


In modern time when everything is “luxury”, or even “überluxury” or add any other extender of word “luxury”, when You can go to shopping mall and buy anything luxury You want, valuation of word go down. It’s not anymore underline Your status or taste, it just confirm that You are experienced in online shopping or have time for shopping malls.

Opulence – that’s what make You different from mainstream, that’s what show Your status, choise, uniqueness and vision. That’s what can tell the world – I am created my choice, I don’t follow stream.

In current hard times our Department Of Opuence suggest You existential Opulence – as Opulence is Immortal


Our Department Of Opulence is leaded by persons who understand and love The True Things or TTT (TM) and will provide You The Things which just wont be copied because of its uniquenes.

Born same time as Russisch-Baltische Waggonfabrik or RBVZ, Department Of Opulence started from Tzars coach decoration and later grown to separate atelier.

Some moment it was leaded by Jacob Youphes or Jacob W. Davis (1831–1908) Latvian-born American tailor who is credited with inventing modern jeans. Beside opulent Roayl coaches interiors RBVZ, Department Of Opulence is known as creator of nulletproof leather uniform created for Helicopter Father – Igor Sikorky, who was RBVZ engeneer.

Now our Department Of Opulence continue Worlds Famous Latvian Tailors traditions, using most modern...

…technologies, and, as an example, our bulletprotected hoodie is more protected and much lighter than Igor Sikrosky’s – as keeping quality, we improve technologis